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Chelsea Krost’s #MillennialTalk Chat,
Sponsored by Credit Karma



Credit Karma was really looking to tap into the millennial demographic in an organic way to introduce their product to a new generation. After extensive research and paring down our results to the best of the best for their needs and budget, we discovered Chelsea Krost, a television and radio talk show host and all around “spokesperson” for the millennial generation. Each week, she hosts a chat on Twitter called #MillennialTalk, where various subjects affecting the millennial demographic are discussed amongst a great sized group of people from all over the nation and sometimes world. We approached Chelsea to collaborate on a sponsored #MillennialTalk chat, and over the course of 6 weeks, we strategized, planned, provided content and suggestions and acted as an intermediary between our client and Chelsea for all communication and approvals. Due in part to the heavy hand Synmedia provided in the direction and strategy of the chat, we achieved stunning results with a remarkable number of timeline deliveries and incredible reach for a one hour party. With over 2,700 total tweets using the designated hashtag, it averages out to 5 tweets per participant in that 60 minute time period! Needless to say, our client was very happy with the chat and the exposure it provided their brand.

Movie Tavern Grand Openings

Assisted Movie Tavern with 15 grand openings by providing support with content creation, social media management, engagement and new membership campaigns. We currently manage a membership database with more than 400,000 members who each receive weekly email campaigns based on their preferred theater. Contests pushing memberships prior to a grand opening played an integral part in the opening strategy for each location.


Movie Tavern, Baton Rouge, LA 

4,354 members by opening week, with an increase to 7,442 members two weeks after the grand opening

Grand Opening Giveaway + VIP Giveaway combined entries: 2,277

Current members: 20,533


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